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Tankless Water Heater Service

We use hot water in almost all facets of our home. From heating water for cleaning and handwashing to showering with hot water, the use of tankless water heaters in our households is unending. But occasionally, water heaters can break down and require tankless water heater repair.

Even if your water heater breaks down in the middle of winter, Water Heater Wiz Tankless Water Heater services have got your back. We will send our technicians promptly to fix your water heater and ensure you have a hot shower in the freezing weather.

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Signs You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair

At Water Heater Wiz, we believe that proper care of tankless water heaters ensures they serve you for a long time. From time to time, your water heater will require repairs to function optimally. And just like any other equipment, your Tankless Water Heater will signal you when it needs repairs. Below are signs that you need tankless water heater repair.

  • Water isn’t hot

If your water isn’t getting hot, it’s usually an early sign that you need water heater repair. When showers and faucets aren’t releasing hot water, this is an indication that you have a faulty water heater.

Hot and cold water fluctuation occurs when your water heater’s element doesn’t heat water as it should. This could be due to several reasons, including thermostat malfunction and gas valve failure.

  • Low water pressure

The water pressure is high and constant at the initial stages of using water heaters. However, with the continuous obstruction of the drainage pipes, the water pressure decreases.

While low water pressure can result from poor installation of water heaters or a bent distribution line, that’s not always the case. Our technicians can help ascertain the cause of the decreased water pressure and recommend repairs.

  • Discolored water

Though homeowners believe that discolored water is a sign that their water source is contaminated, this isn’t entirely true. Discoloration can signify that your water heater needs repair because of the corrosion and rust eating up your heating element. It’s the buildup in mineral deposits and rust that discolors the water.

  • Funny noises

It’s okay for a water heater to produce some sound effects; however, if this sound increases into loud screeching, knocking, or humming, it’s time to repair your water heater. If not, you risk replacing the entire system. Early diagnosis and water heater repair can help you avoid showering with cold water or replacing water heaters, which is quite costly.

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Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Understanding the common tankless water heater problems is crucial in repairing and maintaining water heaters. Some common issues that homeowners experience include:

Mineral Or Sediment Buildup

Tankless water heaters and pipes are likely to clog with mineral sediments if you use hard water for your system. When this water is heated, it releases calcium and magnesium minerals resulting in scale buildup. Moreover, systems with iron and its components end up rusting and causing iron sediment buildup.

Such sediment and mineral build ups cause blockages in the system resulting in low water pressure. With time, these sediments will cover the heating element with a scaly buildup obstructing it from heating water, leading to low water temperatures or fluctuating temperatures.

Blocked Air Supply Or Exhaust

Most tankless water heaters notify you when the air supply or exhaust is blocked. If the air supply is blocked, fuel combustion (propane or natural gas) is affected, leading to water with low temperatures. As for the blocked exhaust, it can shut off the entire system due to poor system functioning, hence cold water.

Conducting a tankless water heater maintenance routine will ensure the system is operating correctly.


Every tankless water heater has a threshold of continuously supplying hot water. Simultaneously carrying out activities that need hot water can surpass the threshold of water heaters. Doing so overloads the water heater and can shut it off entirely or release fluctuating water temperatures.

Cold Water Sandwich Effect

Sometimes homeowners can turn on the shower only to experience hot water first, then cold, then hot. This is referred to as the cold water sandwich effect, a common phenomenon among tankless water heaters.

How long this effect lasts is determined by the distance of the water heater from the shower since it represents the trapped cold water.

Preventative Care: Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

At Water Heater Wiz, we can help extend the duration of service of your tankless water heaters by conducting routine preventative care. Our plumbers do this by following these procedures:

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Descaling & Flushing

This is the most crucial aspect of water heater maintenance for hard water systems. Descaling and flushing out water heaters should be done at least once a year. We descale water heaters by using white vinegar or any specialized descaling solution. Once our experts pour the white vinegar into the water heater, they use a submersible pump to channel the vinegar through the system for a minimum of 45 minutes. Afterward, they flush the system with clean water to remove any sediments or debris that might cause blockage in the tankless water heater.

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Clean Or Replace The Water Filter

We recommend cleaning or replacing the water filter annually or whenever you notice a reduction in flow rate, whichever comes first. This avoids the formation of scales or sediment blockages in the system. If the system doesn't have a water filter, we encourage you to get one installed in the system

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Inspecting The Tankless Water Heater

Regular inspections of the tankless water heater can save homeowners many problems related to exhaust or air supply blockages. We've realized that insects or rodents may block these access points, resulting in the water heater's combustion problems. To ensure the system's proper functioning, inspecting and removing such blockages is paramount. You can hire our expert plumbers for such preventative care of tankless water heaters. Moreover, they'll look out for potential pipe busts that may lead to gas leakages and clean the motor and fan.

Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

We offer state-of-the-art water heater repairs to outlast the ten years set for heaters. However, when the time comes, we must replace water heaters. Our guiding principles for how often you should replace a water heater include the following: 

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Water heaters can last as long as 10- 15 years with proper care and maintenance. Once you exceed their useful life, it’s time to replace the water heater with a new unit. 

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Rising Heating Bills

If heating bills start rising beyond normal, it might be time to replace the water heater. The cost of heating increases when the efficiency of the water heater decreases.

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Cost Of Repairs

If the cost of repairs for your water heater exceeds 50% of the replacement cost, it’s better to replace the water heater. 

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Water Discoloration

When you experience reddish or brownish water coming from water heaters, it’s a sign that it should be replaced. Water discoloration results from the corrosion and rusting of the water pipes and heaters after using them for a long time.

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Looking For Water Heater Repair Near Me?

If you’re tired of cold showers, your heating bills are skyrocketing, or you have to deal with discolored water, talk to Water Heater Wiz.

Our tankless water heater technicians will be glad to sort out all your water heater requirements. We can help you check the signs of tankless water heater repair and common tankless water heater problems, then carry out the necessary repairs.

We also offer tankless water heater maintenance care to ensure your water heater can effectively serve you for 10 years and beyond. If you decide to replace your water heater with the latest models, we are your go-to experts. Call us today and ask our experts for a Tankless Water Heater services estimate. We provide the best Tankless water heater services in town.

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