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Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

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Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

As a homeowner, you are likely already familiar with the idea of a heat pump and their primary function. Most modern homes and businesses rely on heat pumps to heat and cool the air within the building or residence. Did you know that the same heat pump technology can also heat your hot water? An electric heat pump water heater offers a solid energy-saving alternative to the traditional hot water heater

Let’s explore the advantages of switching to an electric heat pump water heater.

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What Is An Electric Heat Pump Water Heater?

An electric heat pump water heater pulls heat from the surrounding air, heats it further, and then uses that heat to warm the water inside the tank to the desired temperature. This enables the electric heat pump water heater to heat water far more efficiently than a traditional direct heat water heater.

How Does A Heat Pump Water Heater Work?

In its simplest form, an electric heat pump works by transferring heat from one location to another. This means that the heat pump is not a direct heat source, as it does not create the heat itself. Instead, it transfers heat from another source (generally ambient air) and reallocates it to another area.

Benefits Of A Heat Pump Water Heater

Improved Energy Efficiency

A traditional direct-heat water heater uses gas or electric power to create heat which is then used to raise the temperature of the water stored in the water heater before the water is dispensed out to the house through the home's pipes. As the water in the tank cools or is dispensed and replenished, the direct heating element must start creating heat from scratch to warm the water.

In contrast, an electric heat pump does not create heat from scratch. It instead transfers heat from the surrounding environment, warms to the desired temperature, and uses this heat to raise the temperature of the water. This heat transfer process requires far less energy to produce the same heat level. An electric heat pump water heater can be up to 60% more energy efficient than a traditional direct-heat water heater.

Utility Cost Savings

All of that energy efficiency translates to less money going out to utility companies and more money left in your wallet each month. A typical 4 - 5 person household can save as much as $400 - $500 or more in a single year by upgrading from a traditional hot water heater to an electric heat pump model.

Additionally, many electric and power companies offer substantial rebates to encourage homeowners to switch to more energy-efficient equipment.

Usable Lifespan

Traditional water heaters are hard-working appliances that begin breaking down from the moment they are installed. A standard water heater has a life expectancy of around 10 years. The direct heating element on these units has an even shorter lifespan and frequently requires replacing after just 3 - 5 years.

A typical electric heat pump water heater generates far less wear and tear on its components. Many of the top names in electric heat pump water heaters offer a standard 10-year warranty (compared with a 6-year warranty on a traditional model), demonstrating the improved durability and longer life expectancy of these modern units.

Modern Technology

Modern electric heat pump water heaters come with a bunch of excellent features that you won't be able to believe you ever lived without. For example, some of the latest models have built-in system monitoring capabilities that track your unit's performance and let you control your water heater from your smartphone using a connected app. This means no more coming home to find a flooded utility room or stepping into a cold shower. A modern electric heat pump water heater can alert you immediately when the unit detects a leak or changes in performance or efficiency.

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Heat Pump VS Electric Heat

A side-by-side comparison of a standard water heater using a direct electric heating element and an electric heat pump water heater reveals a clear winner. A traditional electric heating element requires a great deal of energy to produce the heat needed to warm a water tank. Because this heat is continuously lost to the environment or through depletion, the electric heat element must switch on again and again, consuming copious amounts of energy with each activation.

By contrast, the electric heat pump is designed to take advantage of the heat already present in the ambient environment. The electric heat pump uses far less energy as it redirects and repurposes ambient heat rather than creating a heat source of its own.

The electric heat pump water heater is far more energy efficient than a traditional direct heat hot water heater. This reduction in energy use results in significant savings on utility bills. Additionally, many power companies offer generous incentives and rebates to customers willing to upgrade their old energy-hogging water heater to a more energy-efficient electric heat pump model.

The modern technology, smart-monitoring system, and real-time reporting of leaks and abnormal system events make this a one-sided contest. Let’s face it; your aging water heater will never send you a text message alerting you that something needs to be fixed. A simple upgrade to an electric heat pump water heater puts you back in control, provides peace of mind, and saves money.

Professional Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

If there is any downside to switching to an electric heat pump water heater, it may be the installation planning and cost. Depending on the location and type of system selected, the initial costs associated with purchasing and installing an electric heat pump water heater can be significantly higher than a standard water heater installation. That being said, the long-term savings are generally more than sufficient to offset these initial costs.

Before making the decision to upgrade your existing system to incorporate a new electric heat pump water heater, you will want to consider: the climate in which you reside, the location of your appliance, whether you will use electricity or gas to power your unit, and the local codes, rules, and regulations relevant to your particular property. A professional plumbing company can help you assess your property and determine if an electric heat pump water heater is the right choice for your home.

When you are ready to upgrade your old system to a new electric heat pump water heater, reach out to Water Heater Wiz for a FREE estimate. Our team of friendly, qualified experts will analyze your property and take the time to understand your unique needs. We will discuss your best options and help you choose the most effective and energy-efficient model for your home. When installation day comes, we will have your old unit hauled away, and your new unit installed, pumping hot water to every faucet in your home before you know it.

Contact the professionals at Water Heater Wiz for an estimate on our comprehensive heat pump services today! We are here to help!

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