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Commercial Gas Water Heater Service

It’s time for a new water heater to revolutionize businesses. Gas water heaters are taking over commercial water heating space. It’s estimated that a commercial gas water heater costs 33% less to operate than an electric water heater, making it popular among organizations.

If your business is not already using commercial gas water heaters, then you’re missing out big on efficiency and cutting the cost of operation. That said, gas water heaters are simply a solid alternative to commercial electric water heaters that businesses should embrace.

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Types Of Commercial Gas Water Heaters

Immersion commercial water heaters

Immersion commercial water heaters are used in substances that require you to immerse the heater to provide heat. They have about three to nine heating elements controlled by individual thermostats, making them effective in heating large fluid volumes quickly.

These heating elements are usually grouped into the lower, middle, and upper banks, which deliver different fluid temperatures, making them more energy-efficient.

Immersion commercial gas water heaters are equipped with two sacrificial anodes to protect them from corrosion and an inlet water pipe at the bottom of the tank. In case of any malfunction, they use a management system that notifies you via text or email.

Circulation commercial water heaters

Circulation commercial water heaters use the indirect heating process where fluid flows through the heater and heat is transferred to the fluid stream by convention. Their efficiency depends on the heating material, the power ratings, the required amount of hot water, and more.

They use a pump to circulate water inside the heaters and a drainage valve to control the water temperature during an emergency.

Circulation commercial gas water heaters are easy to mount and maintain with an efficient heat transfer mechanism.

Over-the-side commercial water heaters

Over-the-side commercial water heaters are installed at the top of the tank with their heating element immersed along or at the bottom of the tank. They're the most popular commercial gas water heater since they require little space and can be easily removed for repairs or servicing.

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Tank VS Tankless Commercial Gas Water Heater

The tank is the main difference between a tankless commercial gas water heater and a tank gas water heater. Tankless gas water heaters lack storage tanks, thus referred to as on-demand water heaters. In contrast, tank water heaters have insulated storage tanks for storing and providing hot water when needed.

You can use the following metrics to decide on the best commercial gas water heater suitable for you.

Buying and installation cost

The buying and installation cost of a tank VS tankless commercial gas water heater depends on the demand for hot water. Generally, a bigger water heater that heats more water will cost more to buy and install.

Regarding the two systems, a tank commercial gas water heater of a similar size is cheaper to buy and install than its tankless counterpart. A tank water heater system will cost around $200 to $1,100, and the installation fee is around $50 to $200 per hour. They're suitable for places with a low hot water demand of fewer than 40 gallons per day.

On the other hand, tankless gas water heaters will set you off between $300 to $2,500 and have an installation fee slightly higher at $75 to $400 per hour since they're complex to install. However, they make up for their high installation cost with a 32%- 48% energy efficiency when used in places with high hot water demand of more than 86 gallons per day.


Tank gas water heaters have storage space for a continuous hot water supply, resulting in more time to heat the water. This simple setup makes it easy to repair and maintain but has a 10-15 years service life.

Tankless gas water heaters on their part deliver hot water instantly when turned on. However, the risk of running out of hot water when using multiple hot water devices simultaneously is high because it cannot keep up with increased hot water demand. What's more, the cost of maintenance and repair of tankless gas water heaters is high, but they've got a longer service life of 20+ years.

Energy efficiency

Tank gas water heaters are subject to stand-by heat loss, especially during winter. This leads to reheating the water to the pre-set temperatures, thus increasing electric bills. Nevertheless, tankless gas water heaters are energy-efficient since they heat water only when needed.

How Long Do Commercial Water Heaters Last?

The type of commercial gas water heater determines how long it can last. Typically, Tankless water heaters can serve for about 20 years, while Tank-style gas water heaters can last up to 10 years. Still, there are special cases where commercial water heaters can outlive their owners. If well maintained, it’s not surprising to see a system lasting up to 30 years before they are replaced.
Provided a commercial gas water heater does not leak and continues to operate optimally, there’s no need to replace it. There are, however, some tell-tale signs that scream REPLACE! Some signs that suggest a commercial water heater is failing include the following;


Visible rust and change in the water's color (stained water) indicate that the water heater tank is decaying from the inside. On the other hand, if you only notice rust on the outside, but the system is still functional, there's nothing to worry about.

Water not heating enough

Lack of hot water could signal the system's reduced efficiency or performance. It could also mean the demand for hot water has increased in your facility, and the capacity of your commercial gas water heater cannot keep up. As such, you'll have to replace it with a bigger and more efficient system.


When a tank-style water heater starts to leak, it needs to be replaced. While licensed plumbers can repair this problem, by and large, it's better to replace it. When the holes are significant, they will keep recurring even after repair. Leaks can be detected by checking for water drips around your water heater tanks.

Commercial Water Heater Maintenance

As mentioned, commercial water heaters can last a long time if well maintained. Still, most businesses don’t observe a proper commercial water heater maintenance schedule hence the low lifespan for most commercial systems.
Given the complexity of commercial gas water heaters, they need to be maintained regularly. Ideally, preventive maintenance should be done at least once a year; however, twice a year is recommended for the best results. Systems that use hard water require frequent servicing and cleaning to prevent mineral buildup in your tank.
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Why Commercial Water Heater Maintenance?

Extends the Systems Lifespan

With commercial water heaters built to last up to 20 years, regular maintenance can add a few more years of optimal service to the system. On the contrary, a lack of proper care can cause a commercial gas water heater to start experiencing problems as early as 5 years after installation.

Make Minor Repairs

Most issues leading to gas water heater replacement start as minor problems that get overlooked and eventually escalate into major ones. Our experts will trace and correct minor issues during commercial water heater maintenance to ensure your system works optimally. Moreover, making minor repairs will prevent more significant repairs that could cost more.

Increases Efficiency

When sediments of minerals are left to accumulate on the bottom of the gas water heater, it can affect the amount of hot water produced. These mineral deposits can also damage the gas water heater tank. During maintenance, we perform bacteria, and sediment flushes to get rid of these minerals and other materials, improving your system efficiency.

Commercial Gas Water Heater Installation and Repair Services You Can Trust

For comfort and safety purposes, businesses must provide hot water in their office buildings for washing hands and food preparation, in the case of restaurants. Commercial gas water heaters are the answer to this requirement.

Unlike electric water heaters, commercial gas water heaters are inexpensive and heat water faster. This allows you to heat a large amount of water, hence meeting the high demands for hot water in commercial settings.

If you’re ready to make the switch and leverage the benefits of commercial gas water heaters, call Water Heater Witz Today. We’ll be glad to install an efficient system that will meet your hot water needs. If you already have a system in place, we can help you extend its lifespan and improve its efficiency with our repair services, so you can significantly cut your utility bills.
Contact us today at Water Heater Wiz for our Tankless Water Heater services estimate. We’ll be happy to serve you!

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