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Hot Water Heater Recirculation Pumps

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Hot Water Heater Recirculation Pumps

Have you ever thought about how hot water circulates through your home? Don’t worry; most people never think about the mechanism behind the hot water flowing from their faucets. We take it for granted that wherever you are in your home, at any given time, you can simply turn on the hot water tap, and heated water will appear. The secret behind the on-demand hot water running through our homes lies in the hot water heater recirculation system. Hot water heater recirculation pumps can make the difference between an efficient system producing abundant hot water and a lagging and costly circulation system.

This post will explain more about these hard-working devices. We will explore the advantages of upgrading your recirculation system with a water heater recirculation pump.

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What Is A Hot Water Recirculating Pump?

Hot water heater recirculation pumps are aftermarket devices that can be installed to help your electric or gas water heater supply hot water to your home or business more efficiently.

Essentially, the water heater recirculation pump works by slowly pumping the heated water from your water heater through all of the hot water pipes in your home and slowly returning it to the water heater. This circulation system means that the hot water constantly flows through your home’s pipes, reducing the lag time while you wait for the hot water to travel from the water heater tank to your home’s faucets.

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How Does A Hot Water Recirculating Pump Work?

Hot water recirculation pumps work by pumping heated water through a specialized piping system at a higher rate and with more pressure than a traditional water heater and plumbing system. This high-pressure recirculation system consistently sends heated water coursing through your home’s pipes. It then uses the pump to recirculate the water back into the hot water tank in a continuous circuit.

This means that heated water is always ready and waiting at the faucet, so there is no more wasting water as you wait for the water flowing from the tap to change from ice cold to toasty warm.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

There are several significant advantages to be gained from installing a hot water recirculation pump in your home or business.

Water Conservation

Think about how much time you spend idly watching the water pour out of your bathtub faucet or showerhead as you wait for the cold water to turn warm. Most shower heads dispense water at a rate of around 2 gallons per minute. That means that simply letting your shower head run for 1 - 2 minutes as you wait for the water to warm enough for you to step into the shower equates to a loss of 2 - 4 gallons down the drain.

A hot water recirculation pump delivers hot water on demand. There is no need to wait, and there is no need to pour water down the drain.

Utility Cost Savings

As we touched on briefly above, watching the water pour from the tap and swirl down the drain while you wait for it to heat up wastes a large quantity of this increasingly precious resource. If that weren't motivation enough, consider that utility companies are hiking up the water rates exponentially as our available water resources dwindle to compensate and encourage wiser use.

That means you are watching your money swirl down the drain along with the water. A hot water recirculation pump eliminates waiting for hot water to start flowing from the tap. This means lower utility bills and less water and money pouring down the drain.

Protect Pipes From Freezing

While freezing pipes are not generally a concern in warmer climates, they cause massive problems in cold environments. In a standard home plumbing system, small amounts of water can pool in the pipes if the water within the home is not being used continuously. When the temperatures drop, this pooled water freezes, expands and can cause the pipe to crack and rupture.

A hot water recirculation pump keeps the warm water flowing through all of the pipes in your home or business, regardless of use. This constant flow of heated water eliminates the risk of frozen pipes and saves you the cost of expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Ambient Heating

The hot water recirculation pump system continuously pumps heated water through a network of pipes inside your walls and under your floors. This produces ambient heat throughout your home that may allow you to avoid turning up your home's central heating system for just a bit longer each Fall and Winter season.

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Hot Water Heater Recirculation Pumps Provide Instant Hot Water

While there are several advantages to installing a hot water recirculation pump in your home or business, the chief draw is the on-demand hot water. In warmer climates, the wait for hot water at the tap may be a matter of seconds, but anyone who has experienced the chilly weather in a cooler climate knows that the wait for hot water at the shower head or bathtub can easily stretch to a minute or longer.

Hot water recirculation pumps produce instant hot water on demand at every single faucet in your home. Better still, they can easily manage multiple uses at once. One resident can easily take a hot shower while another washes dishes. Hot water on demand means no waiting and no interruptions.

Save Water With A Recirculation Pump

Water is one of our most precious resources, and it is quickly becoming scarce. We are already beginning to see the first rumblings of water rationing legislation being enacted in the drought-stricken areas of the United States.

This scarcity makes it even more essential to use water wisely. The 30 seconds to a minute or more you spend waiting for the running water to heat wastes as much as 2 – 3 gallons of water or more. A hot water recirculation pump eliminates wasted water (and time) and lets you do your part to conserve this dwindling resource.

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Save Money With A Hot Water Recirculation Pump

If conserving water is not enough, consider the money that will be saved. Whether we like it or not, as water becomes increasingly scarce, utility costs will skyrocket. The average household pays far more for water each month than a decade ago.

Choosing to upgrade your existing plumbing system to a new hot water recirculation pump system will save you on your utility costs today and in the future.

Professional Hot Water Heater Recirculation Pump Installation

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s plumbing system and start experiencing the comfort and convenience of hot water on demand? The professional plumbing experts at Water Heater Wiz can help assess your existing system and recommend the best hot water recirculation pump for your home or business.

Water Heater Wiz offers comprehensive hot water heater recirculation pump services from installation to routine maintenance and repairs. Give us a call to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate today. We are always here to help!

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